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  • A thousand years before the great rebellion, before a warrior betrayed his God, and before Ra's defeat by the hands of a human. There was a time where a symbiotic race of the galaxy were still building their footholds and populating the galaxy. Travel through the gate and become a ruler on a back water planet to use the best of your parasitic ways to learn new technologies, enslave man kind and construct great vessels to carry your vast armies across the stars in your conquest to control the Galaxy.
  • The streets are rough and life is tough. The bigger rule the weak and there isn't nothing you can do about it. Or is there? Do dirty tricks like stink bombs or cherry bombs to cripple other businesses for your chance to rise in power in this strategy game. Make other companies remember your name either by your quick smarts or through corruption or hire someone out to do it for you. This game will show your true character when a business deal goes south.
  • Ever wanted to learn how games like System Lords is built or the basics of web development? Writing code is free and all it takes is time, patience and the ability to want to create. Did you know that all 26horses Productions projects are made by a single person? Come take the first steps and start your epic journey of becoming a software/game developer. At Code Cravers you will see how several computer languages can be used to build amazing things. Langauges like HTML, Javascript, PHP, MYSQL and more.
  • So you say you have an idea of making and producing your own music and you feel inspired to do so? Perhaps you are a seasoned musician, tired of paying someone else to produce your music or building a studio to record your band? Maybe you just have nothing more than a spark, the urge to create, a desire to fulfill a sense of artistic vision? You have found the right place. Sound Cravers is here to help you build your own recording studio that will fit your needs and your budget.